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The 3-D Printing Pusheen Experiment

Christmas is almost here!! This means food, presents, more food and cookiessss.

Inspired by this recipe, I thought I'd try my hand at Pusheen Christmas cookies. I mean, how difficult can it be right? Ahahahhaah famous last words.

What the cookies are supposed to look like

So at the start, I thought maybe I'd be smart and 3D print some cookie cutters, cause my freehand cutting is kinda wobbly and awful.

Thingiverse has some pretty awesome files, and I actually found two cutters! Whao. So I prepped the files, loaded them up onto a Makerbot Replicator+, and waited...

...and waited...

LOL OK THAT WENT PRETTY BAD. I think it's a combination of things:

1) I am a 3D printing noob so I just left all the settings at default and pressed print.

2) The build plate of the Replicator+ is not heated, and I didn't blue tape it, so the Pusheens started to shift around midway through printing.

3) Filament isn't the best for this cause the resolution isn't great? Maybe some sorta resin printing would have been better. Not too sure.

Even the cutter on the left that got fully printed is kinda unusable, because of the tiny bits of plastic that are still poking outta it :(

Anyway, despite the messed up 3D printing result, I decided to soldier on and freehand the crap outta those Pusheens...


(White humanoid blob is supposed to be Finn from Adventure Time)

Lol fuck. Guess I'm never making those cookies.

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