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Hello, World!

We like to think that we live in a wonderful world. Sometimes confusing, sometimes scary, but mostly filled with wonder and awesome things.

For the both of us, words are how we make sense of this world, and this blog is the result of our shared passion for tech and various quirky bits and bobs.

And the awesome things? Most of these are probably comprised of pixels, circuit boards, and more LED lights than your Christmas tree. We're unapologetic about our penchant for buying and hoarding gadgets.

(Seriously, financial planning is overrated. Both of us combined probably own enough gear to set up a decently-sized LAN shop.)

Clearly, we’re not the best at being adults; so this place is also where we come to give vent to all sorts of rants and musings when we’re done pretending to be professional at our day jobs.

Occasionally, you’ll find us also writing about games, movies, and perhaps ending up on the wrong end of an Overwatch POTG (something that happens a little too often).

- Squee & Belle

About Us

2G1K = Two girls who met in-game, and who became firm friends after finding shared joy in being rude to the enemy team. Squee and Belle are both full-time writers and tech-lovers, and 2G1K is a place for them to house the random musings and shoot from the hip reviews that waft out of their heads.

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